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Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty partners with THIRDHOME to offer second home owners a free membership to this exclusive luxury property and travel club.

It’s the perennial vacationer’s dilemma: The mountains or the beach? Or what about a one week in the city or two? Check out a new location domestically, or travel abroad?

When considering the location for a purchase of a second home, that decision can be exponentially more complex and difficult.

Let us help. Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty is thrilled to announce a new partnership with THIRDHOME, a luxury property and travel club for second homeowners that enables members to trade empty weeks in their homes for luxury travel in other luxury properties at incredible locations around the world.

We caught up with Christian Kirschner, Vice President of THIRDHOME to learn more about how it works:

What is THIRDHOME? What services do you provide?
THIRDHOME is a private club for luxury second home owners. We have 7,000 properties in 85 different countries. The average value of homes in our program is $2.4 million, though we have properties that start at $500,000 and go all the way up to $30 million. It’s a mixture of second homes that are single family residences, estates, fractional ownership condominiums and townhomes. This mix of property types is nice, because members get the option to stay in a private residence or at a full-service resort such as the Ritz Carlton Destination Club, Viceroy, and other luxury resorts around the world with whom we’ve partnered.

How does it work?
Second homeowners join THIRDHOME and then they can make available to other members the times that they are not planning on using their home. They get credit for the weeks made available, or “deposited” into their accounts, in the form of keys. Keys are THIRDHOME’s currency. Once a member has deposited weeks into THIRDHOME, making their property available to other members, they immediately get keys credited to their account. This is not an exchange. Depending on the value of the home and how many weeks are deposited, members can immediately book another THIRDHOME property anywhere around the world, even if the time made available in their home goes unused.

What are the costs associated with THIRDHOME?
As our exclusive brokerage partner in Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty agents are now able to offer complimentary THIRDHOME membership to their customers. Typically, there is an initiation fee, but through our affiliation with SSIR we are waiving that fee for anyone that’s a friend, client, or customer.

The only charge associated with membership is a booking fee which is paid at the time that a member reserves a stay in a THIRDHOME property, and ranges from $395-$995 depending on the value of the property that is selected. That’s it! It is pretty amazing to consider that THIRDHOME members have the option to stay in a luxury property that is worth up to $30M, for only a $995 booking fee, as long as that member has deposited enough keys into their account.

Tell us more about the partnership with Steamboat Sotheby’s.
THIRDHOME aligns with only the best of the best, which is why we approached Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty with the opportunity to become a partner. SSIR was the obvious choice for us, as the clear market leader in the luxury segment of Steamboat Springs real estate. The quality, integrity, and values of SSIR fit perfectly with THIRDHOME’s standards of excellence. We are excited to give the agents at Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty one more way to create additional value for their customers. By offering complimentary THIRDHOME memberships, they are now able to offer their clients and friends the ability to save tens of thousands of dollars in vacation and travel, and to increase the value of their asset.

How does this differ from other luxury home rental services?
We are not a rental company. We offer membership in the club to luxury second homeowners who have properties that are a good fit for the THIRDHOME program. There are standards that each property must meet, in order to insure the high-quality, luxury experience that our members expect from our properties. Only members who have made weeks available in their second home can travel to other THIRDHOME properties. It is more accurate to think of this as a “luxury travel club” than as a property exchange or rental program.

THIRDHOME membership is not exclusive of the opportunity to rent, either. Many members also rent their homes through property management companies or online sites. The benefit of THIRDHOME is that, if they block out some of the weeks that they will not be using their property and make those weeks available to THIRDHOME members, they are then able to use the keys in their account to travel for virtually no cost to other Third Home properties around the world.

What’s the best thing about joining THIRDHOME?
THIRDHOME promotes second homeownership. Instead of spending thousands of dollars a year on travel, people can leverage unused time in their own second home and travel all over the world. Homeowners can leverage their asset and gain added value from their investment. With more options, more flexibility to travel, and virtually no cost, we think that this program is going to be very appealing to the clients and friends of Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty.

CLICK HERE to learn more about THIRDHOME or contact your Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty broker for more information. 

VIDEO OVERVIEW and introduction to the THIRDHOME program.

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