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So often we are wrapped up in our day-to-day, our hectic and busy schedules, between family, friends, and work. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of our jobs, and often times we forget to stop and thank those around us who support us and our clients. Buying and selling real estate is so much more than just the broker and client relationship – between appraisers, lenders, inspectors, contractors and builders, tradespeople, and so many others who make the process come full circle, we rely on each other to get the job done, and we wanted to take a moment to say thank you and share some stories of when others in our industry went above and beyond for our clients.

A thank you to Stacy Most from the Residence Inn by Marriott: 

“We had some buyers who weren’t able to move into their home right away after closing, and during the busiest part of the summer season in Steamboat, rentals were sold out. They had their dog with them, further limiting the options of where they could stay. I reached out to Stacy, who promptly followed up. She met with me and walked through the unit to ensure it would work for our clients in the timeframe that was needed. She gave us a great deal, and she really helped us out in a very difficult situation.” – Shelly Wu, The Boyd Team

A thank you to Marcus Dudoit at Blu Environmental: 

“We found out the night before our inspection deadline that a property our client was under contract on tested for higher levels of radon. I reached out to Marcus at 7:30 am asking if he could provide a radon mitigation bid, and he was at the property by 9:30 am to check out the situation. He had a bid and a well-explained “scope of work” to my email inbox by noon. He also took the time to fully explain the details to our clients, putting the buyer’s mind at ease. Marcus’s professionalism and willingness to find an hour in his very busy schedule allowed our buyer to move forward with their inspection objection deadline. They’ve since closed on their home and couldn’t be happier.” – Colleen de Jong, The de Jong Team

A thank you to Kathryn Pedersen from Fidelity Mortgage: 

“I went under contract representing the buyers on a manufactured home in Hayden. The title was purged, meaning the home was considered real property attached to a lot. The documentation from past appraisals and recordings had different VIN numbers for the home and this was terribly confusing for the lender. We couldn’t find the correct documentation that tied the specific manufactured home to the property. Kathryn Pedersen and her amazing team, Judy Ward and Katie Lazar, took this into their hands and spent so much time tracking down new documents and following up with multiple entities to find the missing piece of the puzzle. They were constantly in contact, giving me updates almost daily, and it was clear they truly cared about my buyers. My buyers’ rental was being sold, and they were being forced to vacate in just days, so we were really in a pinch. It came down to the last minute, but we finally were able to clear the buyers to close. Kathryn and her team went so above and beyond, and their attention to detail truly impressed me. With so many clients, they approached my buyers as if they were the only client at the time – certainly not the case during the peak of the summer season. Thank you to Kathryn and her team!” – Ben Berend, The Boyd Team

A thank you to Rob Long with Central Electric: 

“In the midst of a fast inspection deadline on a townhome near the ski area, the inspector found a problem with the main electrical panel. I called Rob at Central Electric at 5 pm and he managed to get one of his electricians to the property by 10 am the following morning. Not only did they inspect the panel, but they also fixed three minor issues, all within an hour. During such a busy time, the fact that they stepped up and helped us within a day was just amazing.” – Colleen de Jong, The de Jong Team.

A thank you to Brian Hickory with Hickory Property Services: 

“I had a listing with an inspection deadline quickly approaching. Brian Hickory moved around his entire day’s schedule to accommodate my seller, and he even sent the inspection report the same day so that we were able to meet the deadline. Despite inconveniencing his work day, Brian still went above and beyond to make it work. Thank you Brian!” – Kiyah Roe

These are just a few examples of people in our industry going above and beyond every day. We thank you all for the hard work you put in to help us and our clients every day. We could not do it without you!