Grand County is located in Northwest Colorado, only 67 miles from Denver. With towering peaks, the state's largest natural lake and the unspoiled beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand County is quintessential Colorado. Grand County is made up of several towns: Granby, Grand Lake, Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling, Parshall, Tabernash, Fraser, and Winter Park. Each town has a rich and unique history of its own.

Granby was founded in 1905 along the railroad being build by Denver, Northwestern, & Pacific. The site was chosen because of the dry ground and great views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains.

Grand Lake was established in 1879, and while mining was the initial draw, the beautiful Grand Lake and tourism have become the lasting focus of the town.

Hot Sulphur Springs, founded in 1860, is named for the famous and refreshing hot spring in the area. In the past, Ute and Arapaho tribes used the hot springs as their “healing waters.”

In 1881, the town of Kremmling began as a general merchandise store on the north side of Muddy Creek ran by Kare Kremmling. Later that year, Aaron and John Kinsey platted their ranch and called it Kinsey City, so Kare moved his store across the river to the new site of Kinsey City. Soon people were calling the place Kremmling, not Kinsey City, but the name Kremmling was not officially recognized until 1895.

Parshall was established in 1907 when Mr. Dow founded a small store and circulated a petition for a post office. The name Parshall was chosen to honor a local pioneer, and the US postal authorities accepted it because no other post office had that name in the entire country.

Tabernash came into existence in 1905 thanks to its location near the construction of Denver & Salt Lake Railroad. The chief engineer of the railroad named the town after a slain member of the Ute Tribe.

Fraser was established in 1905 in the anticipation of the arrival of the Moffat Tunnel. Ruben Frazier, an early Grand County Settler, was the namesake of the town of Fraser. The Postal Service adopted a simpler spelling when the Post Office was established in town, changing “Frazier” to “Fraser.”

The town of Winter Park was first settled in 1923 during the construction of the Moffat Tunnel. The U.S. Forest Service gave the City and County of Denver permission to develop land for winter sports in 1938, constructing ski-tows and trails. In 1940, the Winter Park Ski Area was formally opened.